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Meet Sam

The man behind the most delicious Poke Bowls in the region.

Poke [pronounced poe-kay] in Hawaiian literally means “to cut crosswise in pieces”. It is believed that historically poke began with fishermen seasoning cuts of cubed fish from their daily catch to not only infuse flavor but to also preserve the freshness of the fish. At Poke Bar, we do our best not to stray from that tradition.

Here at Poke Bar we provide a cafeteria style selection of the freshest fish and toppings for you to build your own style poke bowl. Our fish are brought in fresh everyday, meticulously cut, and prepped with the highest quality standards. All of our toppings are prepped by our in-house chef and the ingredients we provide are sourced from purveyors of locally grown produce with freshness you can truly taste. 


We are a family owned business and strive to provide great customer service as well as food that we are certain you will love. Come on in for a taste of Hawaii and try a bowl for yourself. Mahalo

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